Mail carrier accused of feeding nails to neighborhood dogs

MADISON COUNTY, Ala. - An Alabama mail carrier faces charges in an animal cruelty case involving dogs along her route.

Madison County Sheriff's deputies charged Susanna Burhans, 47, with aggravated animal cruelty after they say she fed meaty treats with dangerous ingredients to the dogs.

Ed Glover tells WHNT News 19 that Burhans was his mail carrier.

He found one of the meatballs on the ground by his mailbox at his New Hope home and discovered that the meatball was filled with nails. He believes the mail carrier had already fed one to his dog, Missy.

He became worried about Missy and took her to the veterinarian. Glover showed x-rays he says were taken that day, and nails are clearly visible inside the dog's stomach.

Glover is happy Burhans was charged. He said he wants the system to do what is right, so no other pets can be harmed, and that Burhans does not return to her job as a mail carrier.

Burhans was released from the Madison County Jail on a $2500 bond.