Madison Officer Matt Kenny cleared following internal investigation into officer-involved shooting

MADISON  — A Madison police officer has been cleared of wrongdoing following an internal investigation of his fatal shooting of 19-year-old Tony Robinson.

The Madison Police Department on Wednesday, June 3rd issued a summary of its finding that Officer Matt Kenny did not violate its deadly force policies in the March 6th shooting death of Robinson.

The internal decision follows one last month by Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne that Kenny would not be charged in the case.

Kenny has been on paid leave since the shooting. The exoneration clears the way for Kenny to return to the police department, something his attorney has said he wants to do.

Kenny shot and killed Robinson after Robinson, who was high on hallucinogenic mushrooms, struck the officer in the head.

"We've had a criminal finding, and we've now had an administrative finding and if everybody's concerned about the use of deadly force, I think that's been answered in two different reviewing capacities. To those who say I should relocate him, I do not have a branch in Montana. I'm not the FBI, nor would I vanish him as such. He's a viable member of the Madison Police Department and he will be taking on a role that's still very critical to how we operate," Madison Police Chief Mike Koval said Wednesday.

The Wisconsin Professional Police Association (WPPA) released this statement:

“We believe the Madison Police Department’s determination to clear Officer Matt Kenny of any policy violations for the fatal shooting of Tony Robinson is the correct result.  Several law enforcement agencies were involved in the extensive investigations that have been conducted in this matter, and we are pleased that both the internal investigation and the criminal investigation concluded that Officer Kenny’s actions were appropriate, lawful, and in accordance with the rules governing his conduct.  Nonetheless, those facts do not diminish our recognition of the loss that the Robinson family has suffered, and we again extend to them our deepest condolences.

Officer Kenny looks forward to being able to continue his service to the people of this city, and the WPPA will work with the Madison Police Department to transition him back into police service in a way that delicately balances the sensitivities of the community, the department’s needs, and the rights of an officer whose actions have been carefully examined and deemed appropriate.”