Macy's prepares to open in Southridge Mall

GREENDALE -- Boxes of merchandise were being unloaded Tuesday as the Macy's in Southridge Mall prepared to welcome shoppers in just a week and a half, and FOX6 got a sneak peek Tuesday.

"We've been so excited to have a second Macy's to open in the Milwaukee area. We have more than enough customers to serve," Andrea Schwartz with Macy's Media Relations said.

Renovations to the 150,000 square foot Southridge Mall store began in August. Since then, Macy's has added a lot of new jobs. "We started hiring at the end of January and we have hired 160 associates in our support roles and our selling roles. Actually, a bunch of them are here today helping merchandise the store," Southridge Macy's Store Manager Jennifer Duffy said.

Macy's officials added new design concepts to the store, such as the Macy's Parade mural in the kids department and a unique waiting area near the fitting rooms. "We've got couches, we'll play ESPN or CNN, and the men can enjoy themselves just as much as the women trying on the clothes," Schwartz said.

There is still a lot of work to be done as several racks are still sitting empty, but Macy's officials say they hope to have everything in place by Sunday. "It's been a lot of hard work but it's been a lot of fun. It's been really great energy, so I'm really looking forward to being done," Duffy said.

Macy's will officially open its doors on March 10th.

Shoppers will also have the opportunity to get discounts that day by donating to charitable organizations. While the store opens on the 10th, Macy's is having a special ribbon-cutting ceremony on March 14th.

The first 500 shoppers on the 14th will get a $10 gift card and three people will get a $500 gift card.