Lost insurance? How to get your healthcare on the right track while saving a few bucks

MILWAUKEE -- With the spike in unemployment due to COVID-19, many people are trying to make it day-by-day. With the loss of jobs comes a lack of money – and also the loss of insurance.

Dr. Holly Phillips

"So many people – 35 million Americans – could possibly lose their health insurance right now at a time where we need it more than ever," Dr. Holly Phillips says.

Thankfully, there are healthcare options available for those impacted during the pandemic.

"If you've been let go one of the options is called COBRA is officially known as the COBRA Act and it allows workers who have been let go to continue their same health insurance plan for up to 18 months they recently extended it," Phillips says.

This allows you to keep the same doctors, but there are premiums. And while the cares act has provided critical support for the healthcare industry, Phillips says, it's also done great things for patients.

"It's expanded access to telehealth for patients with high deductible plans," she said.

Often times the loss of insurance goes along with losing prescription coverage as well. So Phillips shares the benefit of RxSaver, a free prescriptions saving tool accessed in an app or online.

"All it does is show you the lowest prescription prices at the pharmacies near you," she said. "A lot of people aren't aware that every pharmacy has a different price for the same medication and using RxSaver you can find the lowest price if you are paying out of pocket you can actually save up to 80%."

This can be used regardless of your insurance situation so your family can find what you can afford.