'Looking out for everyone:' Businesses add temperature checks, other tech in effort to limit virus risk

MILWAUKEE -- From temperature checks to badges that ensure social distancing, businesses are doing what they can to keep people healthy as Wisconsin reopens.

Cermak Fresh Market in Milwaukee's Fifth Ward is filled with a colorful array of foods. However, what's most eye-catching isn't in the produce section; it's what's at the entrance.

"We want to do our best to make everyone feel comfortable when they come in here," said Joe Marano, store manager at Cermak.

A thermal graphic reader takes the temperatures of customers as they walk through the door.

"The (temperature) mark that we're set at is 100.4, so anything higher than that will send a signal off to me," Marano said.

If a person sets off that signal, they are then scanned with a handheld reader. If that reading is high again, they are asked to leave.

"We're just looking out for everyone," said Marano.

And so are other companies. At WHR Group in Pewaukee, technology is being used to keep employees safe.

"Our whole intent is just to make sure our employees feel comfortable coming back to the office," said Paul Deboer, WHR Group president.

In mid-June, employees at the relocation management company will start their days with temperature checks. The company will allow 50% of workers in the building each week and every person will wear a new badge.

"The badge technology is such that it's not only going to remind you to wash your hands, but it also allows that physical distancing," Deboer said.

The badges' technology will alert people when they get too close and provide a reminder for when they need to sanitize. It's part of a new way of life for a workforce adapting to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We take very seriously, the safety and health of our employees," said Deboer.

The Cermak manager said in the five days they've had the thermal technology, one person had a high temperature and was asked to leave. They said the person left willingly and was thankful, and said they hope that compliance continues.