Looking for a travel deal? 6 tips for booking cheap flights

MILWAUKEE -- If you're flying somewhere for Easter, but haven't booked a flight yet -- you probably won't get a great deal. So when is the best time to book a flight? FOX6's Contact 6 spoke with the experts at DealNews to get the best advice on getting the best deal of airfare.

If you're wondering what time of week to book a flight — try looking on Tuesday through Thursday. DealNews says that's when airlines update their prices based on what's selling and website traffic is slower.

"More people are shopping during the weekend because they have more free time and websites react very quickly, prices go up hour to hour sometimes," explained Benjamin Glaser from DealNews.

If you're looking for the best travel days, DealNews recommends Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday with Thursday being a toss-up.

"You'll have the added bonus of, you'll be going through a much less crowded airport," Glaser said.

As you plan holiday travel, think about booking flights months in advance. DealNews says depending on the holiday, you may need book further in advance to score the best deal.

"For most major holidays, you want to book a flight two months in advance, preferably three," Glaser said.

DealNews says book three months in advance for Christmas, News Years, St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Memorial Day and two months in advance for the 4th of July and Thanksgiving. Prices tend to spike 20 to 30 days before a holiday.

DealNews says airlines start to increase prices on flights as much as $2 a day 30 to 60 days out. When you get closer to two weeks out, prices can go up $15 a day. It's possible you can snag an elusive deal, but you risk the price going up big time.

As you're looking for airfare, be cautious of ultra-low budget fares. These really started in the last year or two. They don't include a lot of things travelers assume are included like carry-on bags. So you may save $20 on airfare, but end up paying $45 for your baggage.

Finally, when you're looking for flights online, use search engines like Google Flights, which allow you to shop around. DealNews, also, recommends using your browser in private or incognito mode.

"Some travel sites actually track your visits and they'll raise the price if you're visiting and leaving a lot and coming back," Glaser said.