Long-term changes begin Monday for drivers using Hale Interchange

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Drivers will be taken off course starting Monday, October 20th, as more construction begins in the Hale Interchange. Recently, we've just had nightly lane restrictions along with overnight closures of system ramps. These new changes will be long-term.

It was an easy Sunday morning for drivers along the Hale Interchange. But come Monday's commute, construction will have motorists hitting the brakes and looking for detours.

"For the next 6 weeks, we'll be doing some major impacts," said Brian Deneve, spokesperson for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

Deneve says last week it began a maintenance project on 7 structures in and around the Hale Interchange. Now, daytime work needs to be completed and may cause severe traffic impacts.

"Monday morning commuters, especially those from Muskego and Franklin that use the Hale Interchange going into the Zoo Interchange or even the Mitchell Interchange I-43 coming from Beloit heading to 894 to the Mitchell Interchange system ramp will be shut down along with highway 100. The on ramp going onto I-43 North will also be closed," said Deneve.

"It's a big mess but it needs to be done," said motorist, Joanne Hoeft.

Motorists are planning ahead and realize a small inconvenience now will save a big headache in the future.

"I think they are on time with everything, I think they are doing a good job for what they have to rip up," said motorist, Ronald Lager.

This project is mainly for preventative maintenance.

"So what we are doing is actually working on the bridges and ramps around the Hale Interchange so primarily what will be occurring in the next few weeks is work on the bridge expansion joints what those are, those are every x number of feet these structures have these metal and rubber devices that expand and contract with the weather fluctuations of temperature those are being replaced," Deneve said.

Drivers will be using the Hale Interchange as a bypass, as major closures happen along the Zoo Interchange. It's vital that crews make sure it's structurally sound for the increased traffic that's expected.

"Just plan ahead and give yourself some extra time," Deneve said.

The project is expected to be completed in late spring with most of the traffic impacts occurring from now until late November.

For a full list of closures and details, CLICK HERE.