Lockdown in Mayville School District now over

MAYVILLE (WITI) -- Mayville High School and Mayville Middle School were locked down on Wednesday afternoon, May 22nd.

Mayville School District Superintendent Dr. Patricia Antony told FOX6 News that she was notified around 2:45 p.m. of a suspicious person hear the high school possibly with a weapon.

Police reportedly received a call that two men were spotted looking into the trunk of a car.

At the time, both the middle school and the high school were placed on lockdown and the busses were halted. Students were also kept inside the elementary school nearby.

The lockdown lasted about one hour, 15 minutes. It ended peacefully when police located two men with Airsoft guns -- two pistols and a rifle. A 21-year-old Mayville man was detained.

Police say they believe one of the men had just purchased the Airsoft guns, and was showing them to a friend.

Antony says just a couple of weeks ago, the school district ran through tabletop scenarios for crisis planning. They just adopted a full crisis plan in March in relation to recent incidents. She says the plan worked on Wednesday.

"It's very startling when you have to actually put these kinds of things into action," Antony said.

Some parents expressed frustration after the lockdown was lifted -- saying that while high school students were held in the gymnasium, requiring parents to show an ID to take them home, middle school students were released to take the bus or walk home.

"When a principal's got 500 students in a gymnasium we need to trust their judgment," Antony said.

"There was a lot of miscommunication.  A lot of upset parents.  I'm sure they're gonna get lots of phone calls tomorrow," parent Kimberly Kuecker said.