LIVE VIDEO: Second spacewalk in two weeks at International Space Station

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — Astronauts are spacewalking at the International Space Station for the second week in a row.

On Wednesday, NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman and Butch Wilmore ventured out to replace a failed electrical device. The repair should restore full power capability to the 260-mile-high outpost.

The voltage regulator shorted out in May but could not be replaced until now because of a yearlong hiatus in nonemergency spacewalks by NASA. The stoppage was caused by spacesuit problems, most notably a flooded helmet that nearly cost an astronaut's life in 2013.

Wiseman took part in the Oct. 7 spacewalk that jump-started NASA's outside maintenance. He was accompanied by a German. This time, Wiseman was joined by Wilmore, who is making his first spacewalk.

Next Wednesday, two of the Russian crew will step outside.