Little Switzerland watches temperatures drop, gears up to make snow

SLINGER (WITI) -- Parts of Wisconsin are already seeing the snow fall, and on Tuesday, November 11th, we got our first taste of winter in the Milwaukee area, as temperatures dipped into the 30s. Folks at Little Switzerland's ski hill in Slinger and Sunburst Ski Area in Kewaskum were pumped up -- ready to start making some snow!

Those who work at Little Switzerland in Slinger were watching the temperature drop on Tuesday, November 11th -- waiting for the temperature to fall below freezing. Once that happens -- they''ll turn on the snow cannons, and Little Switzerland will become a winter wonderland.

As Little Switzerland officials anticipate making snow for their ski hills, Paul Rosenkranz with Ace Hardware in Slinger is trying to keep his store stocked with winter supplies like shovels, salt and hand warmers.

"We had to double or triple our stock ahead of the game, so you're prepared for when that big blast does come in," Rosenkranz said.

Last year's harsh winter had so many people running in for supplies, Rosenkranz ran out of stock and had to reorder things like salt.

"This is going to be another one of those areas that is going to be tough to deal with this year because of last year`s winter -- not only here in Wisconsin, but down in the south. There`s been a huge demand for salt and the salt producers can't keep up," Rosenkranz said.

While Rosenkranz is gearing up for the snow, Mike Schmitz is preparing to make it snow!

"It's finally going to get cold enough to lay some snow on the ground. We're really excited for that. We've been preparing for this all summer!" Schmitz, with Little Switzerland said.

All 18 snow cannons are set up at Little Switzerland, and everyone on hand is watching the thermometer closely!

"It's a very small window, so an early start is key," Schmitz said.

If everything goes according to plan, Little Switzerland's owners say they hope to open some ski hills by this Friday night, November 14th. Sunburst Ski Area officials say they hope to open this weekend as well.