Little girl thinks bride is the princess in her book, and it’s the cutest thing ever

(Stephanie Cristalli Photography)

SEATTLE – There have been several adorable stories of little girls mistaking women for princesses lately.

But this one might just take the wedding cake.

Pictures posted to Imgur Wednesday show a little girl and her mother coming across a bride in Ballard, Washington. The bride was in the street taking wedding photos, and the little girl immediately stopped, according to KCPQ.

"The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the princess from her favorite book (the one she's holding)," Imgur user Skizzotrobzface said.

(Stephanie Cristalli Photography)

The photos show the child's eyes light up as a smile of complete adoration spreads across her face. It's not every day that a child stumbles across the princess on the cover of her book. The bride even shared a flower from her bouquet.

The bride, Shandace Lerma, told KCPQ she was taking photos when she noticed the little girl and her mom staring.

"The little girl was holding a book," Lerma said. "The mom said, 'She thinks you're the lady in the white dress.'"

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