'Little bit different:' Marcus Theatres reopening some locations, health precautions in place

Marcus Theatres

NEW BERLIN -- A handful of Marcus Theatres locations in southeast Wisconsin are about to reopen with some big changes in place to keep moviegoers safe while watching.

"This is about fun, this is about entertainment, and this is about being safe," said Rolando Rodriguez with Marcus Theatres.

Before even stepping inside, safety precautions are already being taken at several locations.

Rob Novak

"We've spent the last twelve weeks of being closed looking to do everything we can to make sure that the consumer can have a touchless experience -- if that's what they desire," Marcus Theatres' Rob Novak said. "We're putting all of our associates in masks, we put Plexiglas shields in place for any type of one-on-one transaction between a guest and an associate."

Getting tickets will be done at self-service kiosks. If you use the mobile app, it streamlines the entire process -- not just buying seats.

Marcus Theatres

"There's timeslots on the app that allow you to order your food and pick when you want to pick it up," said Novak.

In the theaters themselves, there is a change in seating.

"Inside of our auditoriums, we've taken out every other pair of seats to allow for social distancing between couples so that no one has to sit next to another guest," Novak said.

Marcus Theatres

Additionally, the theater has brought in more staff whose primary job is to focus on cleaning.

"When we brought associates back to plan for the reopening, their job fundamentally changed from what it was before," Novak said.

Sanitation -- and safety -- are going to be a big part of the movie theater experience. But watching a movie can still be a great escape.

Marcus Theatres

Rolando Rodriguez

"Following to make sure that they follow the social distancing, we're encouraging people to wear the masks," said Rodriguez. "It's going to feel a little bit different when you walk through the theater."

Ticket prices at reopened theaters have been reduced to $5 each. For more information and to find an open theater near you, CLICK HERE.