Lines extend for miles for Tyler Perry's Thanksgiving giveaway

Lines leading to Tyler Perry Studios extended for miles in multiple directions Sunday morning as people waited patiently to get their hands on non-perishables and gift cards.

The event was called #TPSGiving and promised to feed 5,000 families Sunday between 8 a.m. and noon.

“Although we wish that we could feed everyone in need, we will close the line at the 5,000th family,” the event description read, prompting the early arrival of hundreds of cars.

FOX 5 spoke with the first person in line, Jeanette Walton, who arrived at 3 p.m. Saturday – 15 hours in advance. She said the need is greater than ever before and acknowledged she’s never waited overnight for a food drive.

“I've been blessed in where my job has allowed me to work from home, but still I’ve had other family members that have lost jobs and had to move in,” Walton explained. “That's really why I’m here because when you have to take on the burden of others, you find yourself in need yourself.”

The food drive is unlike years before, set up as a drive-up event to help curb the spread of the virus.

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People are asked to wear their masks when communicating with volunteers, and TPS is limiting each car to two families.

This is one of a slew of generous efforts by the media mogul this year.

Tyler Perry gave $21,000 in tips to servers at one of his favorite restaurants struggling during the pandemic and picked up the tabs for high-risk and senior shoppers at 44 Krogers in metro Atlanta.

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