Let it go? Woman suing over Disney's "Frozen" -- saying Disney stole her life story

A woman is suing over Disney's hit "Frozen" -- saying Disney has stolen her life story.

TMZ reports Isabella Tanikumi claims the movie about the ice princess and the talking snowman is her life story. She has filed a 250-MILLION-DOLLAR lawsuit.

TMZ says Tanikumi claims the movie isn't based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, but rather, her 2010 autobiography about growing up in the mountains of Peru.

Tanikumi claims Disney plagiarized and copies the story, characters and plot lines from her autobiography.

Frozen is the highest grossing animated flick of all time.

TMZ says this: "We took a quick look at her book ... nope, didn't see a talking snowman. Our advice to her...let it go."