Less fortunate kids get to Shop with the Sheriffs

Their job may be about serving and protecting, but this weekend, the job description was a bit different. It's Waukesha County's second annual "Shop with a Sheriff."

The program is for less fortunate families, and one of their children gets to shop with a sheriff deputy. The kids get a $100 shopping spree, funded by Waukesha businesses.

The experience isn't just about helping out families, but kids learn a few things along the way, like spending with a budget. It also gets a chance for people to see the 'human side' of law enforcement.

Waukesha County Sheriff Dan Trawicki says, "I even had a mother come up to me earlier and say, that my son was really nervous about being close to this many police officers , and he came out he was laughing he had a present that he gave to the deputy, it's just a great positive thing."

25 families were selected by the department with the help of the Waukesha County Health and Human Services.