Legal groups call to drop citations issued to peaceful protesters, curfew violators in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee's newly-elected city attorney says he intends to not enforce municipal citations handed out to peaceful protesters and curfew violators in the weeks of protest following the death of George Floyd.

109 tickets were handed out the first two days of curfew. The ACLU and 35 other legal groups demanded the citations be dismissed. FOX6 News is told the non-enforcement was in the works before those outside groups asked for it.

The ACLU says protesters were exercising their first amendment rights.

"It would be beneficial both for the city, for the municipal court in trying to keep their docket clear as they're trying to reopen after COVID-19 to just get rid of these cases and start people with a clean slate and not impose these kinds of burdens on them," Larry Dupuis, legal director with the ACLU of Wisconsin, said.

The city attorney and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett will hold a news conference Friday morning, June 12 where they are expected to release more information.