Learn to pack smart from Style Expert Jen Munoz

Most airlines are charging for a second bag, and you need to pack smart. Style Expert Jen Munoz stops by Real Milwaukee to show off some multi-purpose products that will help you pack lighter. Watch the video below and read tips written by Jen Munoz so you can beat that second bag charge.

With more and more airlines charging extra to check a second piece of luggage, packing light has become a necessity. Today’s travelers are in luck because many items we used to have to pack: alarm clock, DVD player, games to entertain ourselves or the kids are digital –all contained nicely in your phone or iPad, which leaves us with our clothes and toiletries to pack. Limit Your Liquids

    Choose your Bag and Apparel Wisely

      Other space saving items to make your trip stress free:

        Note: If you just can’t stand it and you have to bring your hair dryer/flat iron and products at least travel in stylePack Amika’s Giraffe Go Go Travel Kit, ($119, Hair & Gallery/Guys & Dolls in Germantown) and don’t forget your Metro Chic Pop Up Hair Brush - Flip it open, pop out the brush and use the mirror to ensure you have no more rogue fly-aways or use it to apply your make up on the go, $3.50, Pier1. If you’re traveling with little ones, don’t forget to bring the gogo kidz Travelmate ($90) or the car seat luggage strap, ($20). Available on Amazon and Target.com (for a complete list of retailers visit www.gogobabyz.com).