Lawyer for former UNISON CEO, suspected of misappropriation of funds, says she will be cleared

MILWAUKEE -- The lawyer for the former CEO of UNISON said Wednesday, Jan. 9 his client will be cleared of any wrongdoing.

Laurie Lambach was detained at a fundraising meeting on Nov. 20 by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office under probable cause of misappropriation of funds.

UNISON was awarded $17,000 in grants for new computers. The order was canceled, but grants were still issued.

Lambach's attorney said the results of a UNISON audit expected in the coming weeks will clear Lambach. No criminal charges have been filed.

There's still no word on what happened to the $17,000.

Milwaukee County parted ways with the embattled charity -- with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors voting unanimously on Dec. 13 to reject all contracts for 2019.

For years, UNISON has run the county's five senior centers.