Lawsuit filed after Oklahoma convict, mistakenly released early, shot and killed bank president

EUFAULA, Oklahoma -- A lawsuit has been filed against the state of Oklahoma after a convict who was mistakenly released shot and killed a bank president.

Cedric Norris was mistakenly let out of jail in 2016. While he was out, he struck again.

Now, the victims of that deadly bank robbery are suing.

Norris, while out of jail, robbed the Bank of Eufaula, killing the bank president, Randy Peterson and injuring another person.

"A big-hearted man, and everybody liked him and knew him. He was just like one big family," a woman who knew Peterson said.

The suit alleges the state Department of Corrections and Tulsa County didn't work hard enough to make sure Norris was brought back to Oklahoma after serving a short sentence in Texas.

"I'm not going to comment on whose error it was, but we did what we were supposed to do and we followed proper procedure to get him down there," Michelle Robinette, interim Tulsa County sheriff said.

Norris was supposed to be serving a 60-year sentence for previous robbery convictions, but that never happened. He died after a short police chase and shootout.