Latest: Sonthana Rajaphoumi pleads no contest to amended criminal charges

MILWAUKEE -- 45-year-old Sonthana Rajaphoumi pleaded no contest on Thursday, November 10th to two amended counts of mental harm to a child.

Rajaphoumi is a Milwaukee police officer assigned to District 4. He was accused of targeting underage girls for sex — once allegedly asking two teenagers if they wanted him as their personal cop. He has since been discharged by the department.

Rajaphoumi was originally charged with two counts of child enticement and one count of soliciting a child for prostitution.

After pleading no contest to the amended charges, the court found Rajaphoumi guilty. The court advised that the defendant will have to provide a DNA sample, to the Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory for DNA testing and pay a DNA surcharge. The court also ordered a sex offender evaluation be done by the Department of Corrections.

Rajaphoumi will be back in court on February 16, 2017 for sentencing.