Latest: Judge denies emergency request to stop Wisconsin's election recount

MILWAUKEE -- Conservative political action groups are calling for a stoppage of the Wisconsin election recount. However, a judge has denied an emergency request for now -- meaning the counting continues.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court -- and the groups are asking that a federal judge in Madison sign a temporary injunction stopping the recount. But shortly before 4:00 p.m. on Friday, December 2nd, Judge James Petersen said "no." He will not stop the recount -- not yet.

The groups can ask for an injunction next week -- and the judge will take arguments. But for now, the count is on. The judge will hold a hearing next Friday. However, election officials say the recount will be over by December 13th in any case.

CLICK HERE to read through the main complaint filed Friday

CLICK HERE to read the motion to stop the recount while the case proceeds

President-elect Donald Trump won that election by 22,000+ votes in Wisconsin.

President-election Trump and supporters have also filed actions to head off separate counts in Michigan and Pennsylvania. Those recounts have not yet begun.