Lake Mills residents dig out from snow

LAKE MILLS -- Mother nature dumped plenty of snow on Wisconsin residents on Friday.  Many spent the day Saturday digging out.

Some neighbors, like Dan Sanft and Ed Freson, pitched in to help others on their streets.  Sanft cleared sidewalks on his block to help his neighbors Saturday morning.  He admits he has not gotten a lot of use out of his snow blower this winter, but it came in handy on Saturday. "I filled it up with gas on Thanksgiving weekend, and I'm still on my first tank of gas," Sanft said.

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Freson also helped people on his street clean up the snow. Unfortunately, Freson's snow blower broke, so he had to use a shovel instead to get the job done.

There have been mixed feelings about this year's winter in Wisconsin, some saying they've enjoyed the milder temperatures and relative lack of snow, while others - particularly those who enjoy outdoor winter activities, and those who make money clearing snow, who wish we could've seen more of the winter precipitation. Residents have their own outlook about what's to come.  "I think it's going to keep staying mild.  Of course, next year is another story," Freson said.