Lake Geneva Ice Castles to open Jan. 31

LAKE GENEVA -- One of winter’s most anticipated attractions is set to open next Friday in Lake Geneva. The Ice Castles will open to the public at 4 p.m. on Jan. 31 -- tickets will go on sale on the company’s website Monday morning.

The interactive experience will feature frozen fountains, numerous slides, slot canyons, crawl spaces, and an acre of cascading ice embedded with color-changing LED lights that illuminate at night.

This is the second year Ice Castles has built its winter experience in Lake Geneva. This season, the castle is at Geneva National Resort & Club, and will include concession areas, 2 kids’ zones, more ice slides, and about twice the space as last year’s castle. In addition, Ice Castles guests can grab a drink or dinner at Geneva National Resort & Club after their visit.

The Wisconsin castle is one of six Ice Castles locations in North America. You can also find the icy experience in Utah, Minnesota, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Alberta, Canada.