Kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart holds town hall in Barron County

BARRON COUNTY -- Child kidnapping survivor Elizabeth Smart hosted a town hall in Jayme Closs' hometown of Barron on Friday night, March 15.

The town hall aimed to help community members heal after Closs was kidnapped and her parents were murdered.

Smarts was taken from her Salt Lake City home in 2002, when she was 14 years old. She was held for nine months before her rescue.

Elizabeth Smart in Barron County

Smart says she wants to help Barron County residents understand what it's like being in a survivor's shoes.

"I find it inspiring to see so many of you here tonight, supporting Jayme, moving forward and reclaiming all of your lives because this has touched so many people - so many more people than just in this room and it's just inspiring and encouraging," said Smart.

Jake Patterson is accused of killing Closs' parents and holding the teen captive for 88 days. She escaped in January.