Kenosha Transit bus driver reinstated after altercation with teen

KENOSHA (WITI) -- A Kenosha Transit bus driver fired after an altercation with a teen rider aboard a bus has been reinstated as of Thursday, February 20th.

The incident happened January 17th outside of Tremper High School. Video captures a teenage student attack bus driver Scotty Wells.

"He was clearly blindsided. He was ready to pull off. The kid came and hit him. He had not chance to do anything," said Rick Bassler, ATU Local 998 acting president.

Punches continued flying while the bus moved forward, crashing into three cars. Wells was fire for the incident.

"Originally it was nine charges against Scotty by the Kenosha Transit," said Bassler.

The Amalgamated Transit Union Local 998 intervened on Wells' behalf to get him his job back. A grievance process with Kenosha Transit was initiated and concluded on Thursday.

"The end result is Scotty is back at work," Bassler said. "He's going to serve a five-day suspension."

The nine initial charges were brought down to just one. Now the union is turning its attention to the teenage suspect. The boy faces two felony charges and a misdemeanor in juvenile court.

Bassler says he'd like those charges changed.

"Any time it's a felony -- I don't care if you're 12 years old or 14 years old -- you hit a bus driver, we want that waived. We want it put into adult court where he'll actually get some penalties," said Bassler.

The union is also looking to put safety shields on Kenosha Transit buses because of incidents like this one.

Wells has not returned to work due to injuries suffered in the altercation but sources tell FOX6 he is relieved the issue has been resolved.

"We were able to come to a compromise, after a couple hours of negotiating, that we thought was fair for all individuals," said Bassler.

Kenosha Transit did not respond to any of FOX6's in person or phone requests for a comment on the incident.

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