Kenosha Community Health Center launches "Mobile Medical Unit" for the underserved

RACINE -- A new program brings medical service right to the front doors of residents' homes in Racine.

The Kenosha Community Health Center launched their "Mobile Medical Unit" Tuesday, June 27th.

The goal is to bring medical services to underserved communities in the Racine area.

Aurora Health Care's "Better Together Fund" provided $500,000 to make it all possible.

"I hope that people that need help will see the unit and say, 'let me step in and see what they have to offer.' And I think when they step in, they will be very pleased," Covetrus O'neal, KCHC board member said.

The unit is designed to make patients feel like they just walked into a real doctor's office.

Most insurance is accepted, and those without insurance may be eligible for a discount, based on family size and income.