Kellogg's apologizes for 'racist' Corn Pops boxes

Kellogg’s, the world's largest cereal maker, is making changes after someone called  the art on their Corn Pops boxes racially insensitive.

The controversy is over a game on the back. The little Corn Pop characters are doing different activities like shopping and playing in the arcade.  Author Saladin Ahmed complained on Twitter that the cereal box is “teaching kids racism” because the only brown Corn Pop depicted is working as a janitor scrubbing the floor.

Kellogg’s responded to the tweet saying they are committed to diversity and inclusion, and they will update the artwork. Kellogg’s says the new artwork will reach stores soon.

Kellogg's spokesperson Kris Charles released the following statement to USA Today: "Kellogg Company has respect for all people, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion has long been a top priority. We take feedback very seriously, and it was never our intention to offend anyone. We apologize sincerely."