"Keeping an extra eye open:" OWI Task Force on the lookout for drunk drivers Labor Day weekend

WEST ALLIS -- A holiday weekend means a lot of people are out on the roads and law enforcement is on the hunt for drunk drivers.

The OWI Task Force in southeast Wisconsin will be out all Labor Day weekend looking for dangers on the road. FOX6 News had a first-hand look riding along with a West Allis officer.

West Allis Patrol Officer Megan Primising

Every day, West Allis Patrol Officer Megan Primising is on alert. And on this particular Saturday, there is a heightened awareness.

"We're just keeping an extra eye open for it," said Primising.

Labor Day weekend often means more drivers on the road and a higher probability they are impaired.

"A simple mistake, such as missing a 'no turn on red' sign, or going through a stop sign or a red light can be a sign of impairment," said Primising.

Regular stops are happening across the area this holiday weekend.

"We believe what we're doing is helping," said Bob Hagen, Southeast Wisconsin OWI Task Force.

Twenty seven police departments in southeast Wisconsin are saturating the roads to make sure drivers are responsible -- it's part of the Southeast Wisconsin OWI Task Force.

Southeast Wisconsin OWI Task Force

"Our ultimate goal is to reduce fatalities and to reduce people getting hurt," said Hagen.

Primising looks out for any signs the driver may have been drinking and as the night continues...so do her patrols.

This effort is to make sure the holiday weekend is not a dangerous one. Police are also reminding everyone to be smart.