Keep your pets, kids safe from 'very serious' heat-related injuries with these expert tips

MILWAUKEE -- The heat warning could be dangerous in just minutes for your pets and kids. Certain surfaces you may not even think about can become hazardous in minutes -- including the pavement.

The sun came in strong Friday, July 19 as temperatures reached into the 90s. Even though people can sweat it out, the same can't be said for dogs.

Keep pets safe in the heat

Angela Speed

"They cool themselves typically by panting, and then very minimally through their paw pads," said Angela Speed, Wisconsin Humane Society.

The Wisconsin Humane Society says the heat is unsafe to take your pet outside for any length of time, as animals have a tougher time cooling down. Hot pavement can also be hazardous for your pets to walk on.

"We've seen several animals with heatstroke," said Speed. "We had a kitten come in with burned paw pads from walking on asphalt."

Keep pets safe in the heat

Keep pets safe in the heat

Pavement can be scorching hot, and your pets could easily get burned. And while walking your dog could be dangerous, so could bringing it in the car.

"Heat stroke can be fatal in animals quite quickly," said Speed.

The same goes for kids. Temperatures inside a car typically reach hotter temps than outside, heating up to over 100 degrees in just a few minutes.

"Within half an hour to an hour, it can become very serious or deadly," said Jane Howard, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Keep pets safe in the heat

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin reminds parents a car seat can also burn a child. Make sure you feel warm parts -- like the buckle -- before strapping your infant in.

Keep pets safe in the heat

"It's held into the seat, it's buckled very tight in there, so their internal temperature can get very high, very quickly and that can be deadly," said Howard.

Whether you have a pet or a child, it's always a good idea to check your backseat.

If you don't have a temperature gun or similar device, you can test the pavement with the palm of your hand. If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your pets.