"Keep them off the street:" Non-profit works to break up gangs, build up Milwaukee's youth

MILWAUKEE -- A local nonprofit group is trying to rehabilitate troubled teens by revitalizing a home.

The tenacity couldn't be dampened by Saturday's rain.

BoyzIIMen Gang Prevention Resource

"If we don't invest in our future then Milwaukee is at a standstill," said Randy Jones, volunteer.

Volunteers began to remodel the BoyzIIMen Gang Prevention Resource House near 40th and Fairmount.

The group came together to help Marcus Duke, executive director for Club Kids Incorporated.

BoyzIIMen Gang Prevention Resource

"Our mission is to keep kids out of trouble, gang prevention, juvenile delinquency. We try to do that by giving them creative things to do with their time. We truly believe that an idle mind is a devil's playground," said Duke.

The donated home will eventually become a safe haven for ex-gang members and gang members transitioning into the community.

"Our goal is to help as many kids as we can stay safe from the streets," said Duke.

"Reach one, teach one, grab a young man, lady, individual and give back take one person and make them your project," said a volunteer.

In addition to the much needed outdoor repairs, Duke scans the home and sees the potential it has and light it can bring to the lives of troubled youth.

"Give them activities, creative things to do with their time -- a resource house for information that they need," Duke said.

"Projects like this will keep them off the street," said Jones.

BoyzIIMen Gang Prevention Resource

A big task lies ahead, but the effort is a huge blow against negativity.

"Need to figure out what we can do as a whole to eliminate this crime in our city one child at a time, every single person counts," said Duke.

The organization is in need of volunteers and supplies for the project. If you would like to learn more on how you can help, CLICK HERE.