Katrina gives the "LightKeeper Pro" a try during Studio A product test

Katrina Cravy takes on another product test on Studio A on Tuesday, December 17th. This time, Katrina gives the LightKeeper Pro a try -- just in time for the holidays!

The LightKeeper Pro is a tool meant to fix incandescent light sets.

According to the LightKeeper Pro's website, you simply plug your LightKeeper Pro into your light set and pull the trigger.

The LightKeeper Pro then sends a pulse through the light set -- finding the bad bulb, and fixes the shunt, allowing the light set to work properly.

According to the product's website, most miniature holiday light set failures occur when an individual bulb “shunt” fails to energize.

These shunts are energized when a filament burns out. This causes a section of lights, usually 35 or 50, to go out instead of just one light bulb.

This is because miniature light sets are wired in “series” and electricity must flow through each bulb, to the next, for them to light.

The LightKeeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through the defective bulb, clearing the shunt.

This allows it to operate properly. The current can then flow through the light set completing the circuit and illuminating the other bulbs.

So, does it work? Click the video link above to see what Katrina found.