Kansas City Chiefs quarterback immortalized in 'Champ Stamp' tattoo

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Thanks to Patrick Mahomes, a Chiefs fan has a unique 'Champ Stamp' tattoo to show off. Now the quarterback himself is weighing in on the permanent tribute.

Two years ago, Raytown native David Leach, who now lives in California, made a bet with his buddies that the Kansas City Chiefs would never draft a quarterback in the first round. The Chiefs proved him wrong on April 27, 2017, when they drafted Patrick Mahomes.

Leach's friends decided that he would get Chiefs-themed tattoo on his lower back for losing the bet. With some creativity and a play on words, they decided to call it a 'champ stamp.'

Logan Shackelford at Butch's Tattoo in Blue Springs spent just under 15 hours last week creating the tattoo tribute to No. 15. And if Leach can get Mahomes to autograph the tattoo, Shackelford said he’ll add it in ink.

The story went viral and Mahomes himself heard about it.

"It’s crazy.  I saw it on Twitter. It’s insane. It’s something that’s special. That’s how this community is," he said.

While Mahomes said the 'champ stamp' is crazy, he’s aware of the devotion of Chiefs fans.

"It’s amazing the support they show us, and I’m excited we get to play the next games here at home," Mahomes said.

The Chiefs' first playoff game is set for Jan. 12th.