Just over a year after their mother was laid to rest, Delavan family is suing Plymouth cemetery

PLYMOUTH/DELAVAN (WITI) -- Their mother was laid to rest in a Plymouth cemetery a year ago, and now, a Delavan family is seeking legal action against that cemetery.

It was just over a year ago that the Kachinski family buried their mother after a long illness. Carole Kachinski was 68 years old.

Carole Kachinski was interned in a family-owned plot in a city-owned cemetery -- a few yards from her parents. But as it would turn out, the space wouldn't be Carole Kachinski's final resting place.

More than six months after Kip Kachinski buried his mother, he was told by the city that the family doesn't own the plot. His mother's body had to be moved. He says he asked that the city wait, but he found out later his mother was moved, and no one from the family was notified or present at the time.

"How do you bury someone, verify the spot, and then all of a sudden not have a site?" Kip Kachinski said.

Carole Kachinski was moved more than 100 feet, buried between two existing plots -- the grave marked by a stake and a pink flag.

The city of Plymouth has blamed the initial confusion on old, hand-written records.

The Kachinski family says that doesn't explain why the city went ahead and picked a new grave site -- moving their mother without their knowledge.

"She suffered for a whole year in the hospital," Carole Kachinski's daughter-in-law Theresa Kachinski said.

The Kachinskis are now suing the city of Plymouth.

"At the end of the day, we just want to find out what happened and where our mother really is and take her home," Pat Kachinski said.

Plymouth's city administrator issued a statement to FOX6 News -- saying they thought there was a clear understanding with the family, and that they selected a different site within the cemetery. The city has turned the issue over to the city's insurance carrier.