Jury finds Michael Morgan guilty of setting fire that killed 2 children

MILWAUKEE -- On Friday, September 16th, a jury found 27-year-old Michael Morgan guilty of setting a fire that killed two children at a home on October 20th, 2015.

Jurors reached the verdict Friday morning, September 16th.

The arson fire happened at near 36th and Silver Spring Drive around 2:00 a.m. Six children had to be rescued from the burning home — four of them by their grandmother.

Morgan’s stepson, 10-year-old Kevin Little, and Little’s cousin, two-year-old Tae-najah Morgan, died as a result of the fire. Tae’najah Morgan died one day later, and Kevin Little died on November 8th at the hospice facility where he was being cared for.

Kevin Little and Tae'najah Morgan

Evidence of an accelerant was found throughout the home’s first floor — in the front room, hallway and master bedroom. A gasoline container was found misplaced (under the kitchen sink), and gasoline remained on some items.

The person who called 911 to report the fire told investigators he called for help after Morgan approached him outside of a gas station.

Morgan apparently asked to use the person’s cell phone to report a fire on 36th and Silver Spring. The witness thought it was an odd request “because he did not smell any fire nor did he see any signs of fire nearby.” Instead of giving up the phone, the person called 911, provided the address and then hung up. The complaint indicates at that point, Morgan “nodded his head and walked southbound on 35th St.”

“(He) stated Mr. Morgan had said something to the effect of, ‘there’s a fire on 36th and Silver Spring,’ or, ‘they need the fire department — there’s a fire on 36th and Silver Spring,’” said Detective Schimke.

The complaint indicates Tae’najah Morgan and Kevin Little were “found in the upstairs room.” When first responders found the two, the boy appeared “to be protecting Tae’najah by covering her with his body.”

At one point during the night, the complaint indicates one of the children, 10-year-old Little, woke up the grandmother — saying the house was on fire and they needed to get out.

Morgan’s estranged wife lived in the home. Morgan was being prosecuted in two domestic violence cases where she was the victim.The grandmother was able to get four of the children out of the home, but as she was exiting the home, she realized Little must have gone back inside.

Michael Morgan has been scheduled for sentencing at the end of next month.