Jury finds Gregory Rollins guilty in connection with officer-involved shooting

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County jury found Gregory Rollins guilty of two counts of first-degree recklessly endangering safety on Friday, March 4th. This, in connection with an officer-involved shooting that occurred near 20th and Center last August.

The jury found Rollins not guilty of one county of possession with intent to deliver cocaine. Rollins was also found guilty on February 29th of possession of a firearm by a felon.

The complaint in this case indicated officers spoke with a man who indicated he was in the backyard with his cousin and two friends, one of whom was Gregory Rollins, on the afternoon of August 4th. They were working on a vehicle.

The man said he had just handed his friend a screwdriver when a police squad car that was headed southbound in the alley stopped — and an officer asked: “Where’s the guns?”

The man said he and his friends responded by saying they had no guns, and he said they raised their hands and lifted their shirts to expose their waistbands.

When one of the officers asked Rollins to “come here,” the man said Rollins “just stood there.” When an officer started to get out of the squad car, the man says Rollins took off running — and two officers then began to chase him.

Shortly thereafter, the man said he heard “a bunch of gunshots,” according to the complaint.