Judge calls actions of men who allowed dog to attack child deplorable

FOND DU LAC -- A Fond du Lac County judge is appalled by what he heard in his courtroom as two men were back in court. Prosecutors say they tied up a boy, and let a dog attack him.

Just after the preliminary hearing for Richard Lisko and Joel Kennedy Sr. began Fond du Lac County Judge Richard Nuss was adamant that the victim, Joel Kennedy Jr., would not have to testify.

The court did hear testimony from the sheriff's deputy who responded to Lisko's house in Osceola on August 31st. He noticed the victim was injured, and talked to him away from the two men on trial to find out how he was injured. He said, "Jr. advised me that he was in the house face to face with Mr. Lisko and was attacked by Lisko's dog after he received a command from Mr. Lisko."

The deputy testified that Kennedy Jr. was bound at his ankles by Liskos then he and Kennedy Sr. tied him to a beam on the front porch and had the dog attack him numerous times.

During the hearing Judge Nuss said, "There wasn't one overt action taken by Mr. Lisko or Mr. Kennedy to try and take and intercede while this poor child was being mauled. And that, quite frankly, is deplorable. Just deplorable."

Both Lisko and Kennedy Sr. were bound over for trial. Lisko is facing four felony charges, and a misdemeanor while Kennedy Sr. is facing three felonies and two misdemeanors. Defense attorneys said testimony during this hearing will benefit them in trial.