Jose Luis Discua-Bados (4-27-12)

MILWAUKEE – Jose Luis Discua-Bados is accused of killing his estranged wife. Family members say Discua-Bados waited for hours outside a south side home, stalking his victim before brutally killing her. A Milwaukee police detective calls the act one of the most brutal he's ever looked into.

24-year-old Dayana Garcia was married to 29-year-old Discua-Bados, and the two began raising a son together, but their relationship became strained. Garcia was ready to move on, but Discua-Bados was not.

The morning of January 3rd, 2012, past domestic violence turned into present danger. "He brutally attacked her at that time in front of witnesses and later armed himself with a knife and continued attacking her," Milwaukee Police Detective Steve Caballero said.

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office said Garcia suffered approximately 12 stab wounds.

Family members say Discua-Bados was deported back in 2009 because of prior domestic violence. Caballero believes Discua-Bados may still be in the Milwaukee area hiding out somewhere on the south side using an alias, and may be working at a temporary job.

Discua-Bados is 5'6'' tall weighing about 130 lbs. Discua-Bados' alias' include: Alberto Gonzalez and Luis Discua.

If you've seen him law enforcement wants to hear from you. Their number is 414-297-3707.