Johnsonville Sausage adding 40,000 square feet to Sheboygan Falls plant

SHEBOYGAN FALLS -- Despite economic pressures, Sheboygan Falls-based Johnsonville Sausage Inc. has enjoyed a 10% annual growth over the last 10 years. In response, the company continues to reinvest in its development. Now, the company has officially broken ground on an expansion project.

Beginning in 2013, the company will add 40,000 square feet to the Sheboygan Falls-based Johnsonville Sausage plant -- making way for a new production line that will produce pre-cooked products.

"The products coming off the line are going to be ready-to-eat products. They'll be fully cooked. They'll be convenient, be great for recipes and they'll be great tasting," Kevin Ladwig with Johnsonville Sausage said.

While there are limits regarding what Johnsonville President Bill Morgan is allowed to share about the new technology and new products involved with this specific project, he says it's just a nibble of what is to come.

"This is one of many new projects that we have on the horizon for 2013. We've got a lot of expansion, a lot of investment and a lot of new projects, so it's all about our growth," Morgan said.

The growth includes various construction jobs, and eventually, 35 additional full-time positions at the company's campus in Sheboygan Falls.