JK Rowling launches 'Harry Potter At Home' to help families on coronavirus lockdown

LONDON -- Author J.K. Rowling is launching some new content to help families cope with coronavirus lockdowns

A new online hub called "Harry Potter At Home" will be aimed at younger children and launched on the official "Harry Potter" website.

One of its first offerings is a free e-book version of "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" -- the first book in the "Harry Potter" series. A free audiobook, read by British actor Stephen Fry, is also available. Both versions of the book will be free for the entire month of April.

In addition to the book, "Harry Potter At Home" will send out a "Wizarding Wednesdays" email newsletter each week with activities and quizzes. Rowling said she launched the site because the children, teachers and parents working from all deserve "a bit of magic" right now.