"Jim: The James Foley Story" debuts on HBO: MU professor featured in the film speaks out

MILWAUKEE -- A documentary chronicling the live of Marquette University alumnus James Foley debuted this weekend on HBO.

While working as a freelance war correspondent during the Syrian Civil War, Foley was abducted on November 22nd, 2012 in northwestern Syria.

He was beheaded in August 2014 -- purportedly as a response to American airstrikes in Iraq, thus becoming the first American citizen killed by the Islamic State of Iraq (ISIS).

Foley's close childhood friends are now making a new documentary called "Jim: The James Foley Story."

Marquette University's own Thomas Durkin was featured in the film about his friend, and said it is a portrayal of a man with great achievements and heart.

"I agree with Brian Oakes, who directed it. He wanted to reclaim Jim because a lot of people see a guy in an orange jumpsuit. He is more -- a brother, a son, a friend -- and just to reclaim his story and just have people realize there is person behind that orange jumpsuit that deserved better but lived the life he wanted to live and lived a good life," Durkin said.

The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in late January.

It debuted on HBO on Saturday, February 6th.

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