'Jeff needs a new kidney:' Colorado man seeks donor with help from his dog

DENVER (KDVR) -- A Colorado man is on a mission to find a kidney donor, and he's getting a little help -- from his dog.

A sweet face stares down at Denver drivers from a billboard with a simple message and a question: "My buddy Jeff needs a new kidney. Can you help?"

One year ago, Jeff Cohn leaned had end-stage kidney disease. He's been on dialysis since, and like thousands of others waiting for a kidney, Cohn started brainstorming. His dog, Cooper, was there to help.

Jeff Cohn and Cooper

"We were writing the website, I was writing it -- and it was really boring," said Cohn. "Cooper was sitting right next to me at the time and next thing you know we have an entire website and campaign built around him."

Two companies offered to donate billboards; 20 of them in total across Colorado. Cohn said he is confident a donor will come eventually.