Jake Patterson set to be sentenced in kidnapping of Jayme Closs, murder of her parents

Jake Patterson

BARRON -- The man accused of kidnapping Jayme Closs and killing both of her parents will learn his fate Friday, May 24. Jake Patterson entered a guilty plea in March, and faces life in prison.

"For her, for him to go away is closure," said David White, Barron.

Patterson entered a guilty plea to kidnapping 13-year-old Closs from her home and murdering her parents, James and Dennis, in October of 2018.

James and Denise Closs

"It has changed people," said White.

A crime unheard of in her hometown of Barron.

David White

"Everyone is still on guard," said White.

Locals are still puzzled by the case.

"There's a lot going through my head, I still want to know why," said White.

Closs stunned the world in January, when she escaped from the place Patterson kept her captive for 88 days.

Prosecutors say she was kept under a bed surrounded with heavy items to keep her from getting away. Sometimes she was kept there for hours, with no food, water or bathroom breaks.

Patterson confessed he chose Closs at random when he saw her boarding her school bus.

"When a kid goes missing, everyone hopes and dreams they will come back alive," said Anna Cannard, administrator for the Healing for Jayme Closs Facebook page.

Around the country people are finding ways to show their support through prayer and words of comfort.

"I think everyone just constantly like relief that finally justice is coming," said Cannard.

Closs has kept a low profile, but recently made an appearance with her family at the state's Capitol.

Patterson on the other hand has been vocal from his jail cell, telling reporters he was not going to put Closs through a trial. His attorney's made clear Patterson is going against their legal advice.

Patterson is being held in the jail cell of another county, he's due in court Friday afternoon.

The sheriff's office confirms members of Closs' family will speak during Patterson's sentencing hearing.

Jake Patterson