'It's working so hard:' Busy Father's Day for those who make a living keeping us cool

WAUKESHA -- With a heat advisory in effect for all of southeast Wisconsin until 7 p.m. Sunday, June 17, and temperatures in the 90s with dewpoints around 70, it was a hot and muggy Father's Day in the Milwaukee area -- and a busy one for those who make a living helping us stay cool.

Some on Sunday were hearing the sounds of sweet air-conditioned relief, while others heard sounds indicating a problem.

Joshua Crouch

"A lot of the calls we get are 'the air is blowing, but it's not blowing very cold,'" said Joshua Crouch with Misurelli Sorensen Heating & Air Conditioning.

At Misurelli Sorensen Heating & Air Conditioning in Waukesha, Crouch is the man people call when they have a problem cooling off.

"They think of the A/C as outdoor, so they think all the problems will be on the outdoor unit. What they don't realize is there's a blower inside of the furnace that works for not only the heating season, but the cooling season," said Crouch.

Misurelli Sorensen Heating & Air Conditioning

When it gets miserably hot outside, A/C units can only do so much.

"Sometimes when it gets as hot as it is this weekend, it just might not reach that temperature because it's working so hard," said Crouch.

When it's dangerously hot, besides running the A/C, it's important to drink lots of water -- and shutting your blinds can help keep your home cool.

"Any overhead fans or any fans you can keep running throughout the house -- just to keep the air circulating helps," said Crouch.

On hot days like Sunday -- it can be hard to stay cool.

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