"It's very frustrating:" Woman's stolen car, used in Innovative Optique incident, sits in impound lot

FOX POINT (WITI) -- The attempted armed robbery of a North Shore optical store continues to cause complications for those involved. This includes a victim who was nowhere near the store when the alleged crime was committed.

Police say 20-year-old Tedric Sanders attempted to rob Innovative Optique in Fox Point on Thursday, August 14th with at least two others.

Police say an employee at the store exchanged gunfire with 22-year-old Joshua Drake -- and Drake later died at the scene.

Now, Sanders is charged with felony murder in Drake's death.

Under Wisconsin law, those involved in felonies can be charged if someone dies while the crime is being committed.

Now, FOX6 News has learned of a woman who says her vehicle was stolen, and used in the attempted armed robbery.

Alicia Cheese says her primary concern is for those who operate Fox Point's Innovative Optique.

"I'm feeling for them. Absolutely, because it's a bad situation. They're trying to run a business and here you go - someone's trying to take something from you," Cheese said.

Cheese says on July 27th, her 2011 silver Dodge Charger was stolen from a Walgreens parking lot.

"I turned around, and someone, literally, is backing away in the vehicle," Cheese said.

Two-and-a-half weeks later, Cheese received a call from a Fox Point police officer.

"I receive a call from a Fox Point officer -- telling me they need me to come down and get DNA and swab me and I'm like 'wait, what is going on?'" Cheese said.

Cheese says the officer wouldn't tell her.

"It wasn't until I seen (FOX6's) newscast with my vehicle being towed away that I knew it was my vehicle that was involved," Cheese said.

Police say the car was fueled up at a Glendale Speedway gas station -- the cost covered by Cheese's credit card, before it was used in the attempted armed robbery in Fox Point, and ultimately to convey Drake to a nearby hospital.

There, police say they saw blood inside, along with what appeared to be a gunshot to the rear window.

One month after Cheese says the vehicle was stolen, the car remains in the Fox Point impound lot, where it is considered evidence.

Cheese says there's no word on when she'll get it back.

"It's very frustrating. It's just a difficult situation," Cheese said.

Fox Point police say their investigation is ongoing.

Meanwhile, Cheese says she continues to depend on family members to transport her and her children.

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