It's that time again! Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program launches in Milwaukee County

MILWAUKEE -- It's that time of the year again! The Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services launched its 2016-2017 "Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program" (WHEAP) on Saturday, October 1st.

WHEAP is a state program that is administered in Milwaukee County by DHHS -- providing qualified residents with a one-time annual payment to make energy (heating and electric) bills more affordable.

“With our two new locations, we are expanding our reach to help thousands more households in Milwaukee County apply for energy assistance,” says DHHS Director Héctor Colón in a release regarding this program. “We are committed to providing better access to our services and creating greater awareness about our programs so that all who are eligible can know their options and can easily apply.”

In partnership with service providers UMOS and Community Advocates, Milwaukee County hopes to serve 70,000 households this season.

According to a news release, changes have been made to the program to make applying easier -- providing options to schedule appointments online, on the phone or in person, decreasing long lines and wait times.

“This year, we are using targeted approaches to reach the north and south suburbs, senior citizens, recent grads, new homeowners just starting out, and the average working person just trying to make ends meet, to let them know they could be eligible,” said Diane Zettelmeier, Energy Assistance Program coordinator for Milwaukee County in the release.

Milwaukee County households with a utility burden and are under 60% of the state median income may be eligible for the Energy Assistance Program:

2016-17 Income Guidelines
  Family Size Month Annual
1 $2,181 $26,174
2 $2,852 $34,228
3 $3,524 $42,282
4 $4,195 $50,336
5 $4,866 $50,336
6 $5,537 $66,443
7 $5,663 $67,953
8 $5,789 $69,463

Start by setting up an application appointment to apply for energy assistance. You can do this a number of ways:

    Beginning October 1st, site hours are as follows:

      You'll need to bring the following items with you when you apply: