"It's not right:" Swastikas found spray painted on garage after car found engulfed in flames

Sheboygan vandalism

SHEBOYGAN -- Investigators in Sheboygan respond to a car fire but it was graffiti found that has left neighbors speechless. It all happened early Wednesday morning, June 21st. A car is engulfed in flames and a racially offensive message was left on the garage.

"I heard a boom and another boom," said a neighbor. "I looked across the street and I saw the car on fire."

Sheboygan vandalism

"It was just huge flames," said Calvin Wheeler, neighbor.

Calvin Wheeler

At 26th and Wilgus in Sheboygan, flames billowed from a neighbor's driveway.

"It looked like the whole end of the garage was on fire," Wheeler said.

"I just couldn't believe it," said a neighbor.

After firefighters put out the flames and the smoke cleared, it was a discovery on the side of the garage that left neighbors scratching their heads.

"I'm just shocked. I don't know what to say," said a neighbor.

Sheboygan vandalism

Bright red spray paint scribbled across the light blue siding revealed two swastikas and a message to "go back to your own country."

Sheboygan vandalism

"It's not right," said a neighbor.

Neighbors are confused and upset by the hateful graffiti.

Sheboygan vandalism

"Who has the right to say your religion, your country, whatever is wrong," said a neighbor.

Sheboygan police are investigating exactly why the car was on fire and who left the offensive vandalism. Now, a shell of a car sits out in the driveway and the paint remains. The homeowner declined to speak on camera.

"No one needs to suffer like that," said a neighbor.

Neighbors hope investigators figure out what happened and the hate is erased.

"It truly scares me," a neighbor said.

Sheboygan police say they are aware of potential motives but are looking into other possibilities. The investigation is ongoing.

Sheboygan vandalism