'It's nice to be around people:' Salvation Army hosts community Thanksgiving meal

MILWAUKEE -- We're used to The Salvation Army helping the needy, but one chapter is doing something for the first time. And there was no better day for the chapter to host its first community Thanksgiving meal.

Some say without the community meal, they would have spent the holiday alone. That's why Salvation Army workers say they wanted to feed people under one roof.

Sylvia Williams

Dozens of people dipped their fingers in all the Thanksgiving fixings on Thursday, Nov. 28.

"Holidays to some can be very joyous to some and very lonely to others," said Corps Sergeant Major Sylvia Williams of The Salvation Army.

Milwaukee resident Lorri Eastwood was one of the latter. Instead, she sits with new friends over a warm meal.

"I really didn't have anyone to spend the holiday with," Eastwood said. "It's nice to be around people."

Lorri Eastwood (right) eats a Thanksgiving meal with others at The Salvation Army

On the buffet -- bread, greens, potatoes and endless desserts. And, of course, a turkey in the oven. Many in the room just thankful to break bread with company and be served a warm meal on Thanksgiving.

Patricia Williams

"So many people have been calling throughout the week and for the past month asking where can they go to eat for Thanksgiving, where can they get Thanksgiving boxes," said Lieutenant Patricia Williams of The Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army says they hope to have a community meal against next year.

Whether or not it's the season of giving, The Salvation Army always welcomes generous donations. For information on how to donate, CLICK HERE