"It's kind of like you're putting on battle armor:" Bundling up for a blustery Halloween

MEQUON (WITI) -- Some kids are already done trick-or-treating, and after all the waiting and anticipation, they got a cold and windy night! In Mequon, where amongst all the tricks and the treats, the weather was taken seriously by parents.

"It's really cold out there so a lot of layers to cut that wind and keep little kids warm," said trick-or-treating father, Jerred Weiss.

Weiss is bundling up his daughter, Addison, for Halloween. The whole Weiss family is dressed up as Disney's Frozen characters -- they've got the whole gang! Including, of course, Olaf.

Unfortunately because of the cold and the wind, 3-month-old Andrew has to sit this one out.

"It's too cold for a newborn, so he's dressed up for the picture and then he'll stay home with grandma and grandpa," said Weiss.

But Addison, or princess Elsa for the occasion, ready for the cold, wind and candy, can hit the road. Along with the other warmly dressed kids in the neighborhood.

They are prepared. And when it comes to this weather, that's not a bad idea -- especially for Ryan Hainey. He also planned on getting out in the mix of the elements, but in a more extreme way.

"It's kind of like you're putting on battle armor, you're going into battle," said Ryan.

For Ryan, this weather is perfect for surfing.

"For me I've been doing it for a long time so bigger is better, bigger wind bigger waves. That's what I'm all about," said Ryan.

Ryan wasn't the only one taking advantage of the waves, but he warns -- it's not for the faint of heart, or for the inexperienced.

"If it's someone that has no idea what they are doing and can potentially get in trouble, it's a little bit of an issue," said Ryan.

One thing was obvious on Friday, whether it was in the water, or on dry land, there were plenty of people willing to head into the wind.

Some families in Mequon did shorten their trick-or-treat because of the weather.