"It's just heartbreaking:" Woman cited after 100 dead ball python snakes found in her home

JUPITER, Florida -- South Florida woman has been cited after authorities say they found about 100 dead ball pythons in her home.

A Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission report says Jupiter police took the woman into custody for a psychological evaluation February 16th when they first responded to her home. She was cited March 13th with animal abandonment and given an April 12th court date.

Authorities say the woman's home was covered in animal feces. Officers found about 30 to 40 plastic bins each containing two to four dead snakes. Two ball pythons were found alive in an aquarium, and animal control officers removed them from the home.

"It's just heartbreaking. I mean if she needed help, I'm sure there were a lot of people that would have helped her out," said Rob Long, a neighbor.

"This is a life. This is not a piece of machinery or you know something that sits on the shelf doesn't require maintenance. These animals were voiceless that were dying in deplorable conditions. That's a shame. If it was a cat or a dog situation, that would make front line news," said Aaron Joyce, owner of Wild Cargo Pets in West Palm Beach.

Officers also found alive and removed two dogs, two red-footed tortoises and two parakeets.

An adult ball python can grow up to six feet (1.8 meters).