"It's important:" Georgia parents adopt 7 siblings who were in the foster system for years

EFFINGHAM COUNTY, Georgia -- A Georgia family of three is now a family of 10! This, after a mother and father adopted seven siblings who were in the foster system for years. 

"We are going to the courthouse in Springfield, Georgia, and we are going to adopt our Super Seven!" the Clarks said.

Tuesday, May 9th was a big day for the Clark family. Four girls and three boys, who were in the Georgia foster system for more than three years officially joined Josh and Jessaka Clark's family.

"We had the opportunity to give the kids a loving home to be a part of. When we met the seven, the Super Seven -- it's important to keep them together," Josh Clark said.

The smiles on their faces said everything, as the Super Seven became the Great Eight -- joining the Clarks' only biological child, three-year-old Noah.

"My husband, he told me on the first date that he wanted 10 kids, and wanted most of them to be adopted, so we are almost there," Jessaka Clark said.

Jessaka Clark said adopting was easy. It's what she grew up with.

"My parents were foster parents for most of my life, and then house parents at a children's house, so we always had 10 to 12 children in the house," Jessaka Clark said.

But still, to go from one child to parents of eight?

"That wasn't hard, just because of my background. The hardest part was going from a three-year-old to a 14-year-old and not knowing how to deal with teenagers. That was challenging -- and figuring out school, because we didn't have school-aged kids," Jessaka Clark said.

"I think it's really important for people to know there really are hundreds of kids in our local communities that don't have families, and if people are able to do it, they should," Josh Clark said.

Officials say there are 13,000 children in foster care in Georgia -- now minus seven.